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    Our New Festival Obsession: The Boho Belt

    Our New Festival Obsession: The Boho Belt
    When it comes to festival fashion, we all love a fabulous bohemian look.  But sometimes these pieces can be on the oversized side and may look unflattering on certain body types.  How can you quickly solve this issue and be ready for all of your upcoming events?  Easy – the perfect waist-cinching belt.


    With rampant boho inspiration, festival season is all about finding the perfect coordinating accessories to play up your outfit.  Enter our newest obsession for the season – the bohemian belt.  No, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill belt.  This is something entirely new and totally perfect for those dreamy, dusty days ahead.  Trust us – you’re going to be totally obsessed.


    Introducing the “Born to Roam” Collection.  This stunning selection of multifunctional Insta-worthy belts are total game changers this festival season thanks to their luxe materials and chic boho styling.  Forget what you thought you new about belts – this baby is the perfect multifunctional piece to get you through the season in the utmost of style.  



    Each one of our specialized festival-ready belts can be worn in a variety of ways to best suit what you’re looking for in the perfect Insta-worthy look.


    When it comes to wide leather belts, adding a bit of eye-catching metallics can easily turn them into a head-turning statement piece that can instantly elevate any look.  Our beautiful [INSERT NAME OF BELT] belt is perfect for taking your outfit to a whole new level, regardless of how you style it.

    Want to take your look up a notch?  Opt for our [INSERT NAME OF BELT] belt with edgy leather fringe detailing to add the ultimate bohemian touch to your outfit.  This statement piece is certain to have heads turning and look utterly fabulous in all of your photos.




    Take it from these gorgeous babes – these belts are perfect for rocking no matter what your personal style and how you’ve designed your festival looks.  Don’t be afraid to style these belts in different ways – you may discover your newest obsession.



    Wearing something slightly oversized and want to still show off your gorgeous curves?  Add a belt at the natural waistline for a figure-cinching effect that gives you enviable hourglass curves.



    Looking for an easy and super chic way to carry your bag all day long?  Use this belt as a statement strap to keep your bag or backpack securely in place no matter where the day or night takes you.


    You can easily coordinate these belts with your other accessories for a totally gorgeous complementary look that looks particularly stunning in photos.  Simply clip onto your bag, sling it over your shoulder, and you’re totally set.